Entertainment, like technology is evolving literally every day.  Since we began designing events almost 20 years ago, we have been at the forefront of technology and innovation for corporate entertainment.  So much so that in the mid-2000's the setups and ideas were featured in national publications DJ Times, and Mobile Beat Magazine. 


If you are an event or corporate planner, nothing is more important than giving your clientele a spectacular show.  Phenix on Fire delivers a personalized premium service for the small to medium sized event.  Our job is to intimately understand your event desires and provide you with an electrifying experience. 

Below are a few examples of the wide range of setups we can provide for your group.  Btw..In order to best accommodate your corporate event request, it is best to have a budget in mind as there are literally no limits to what we can design for you! 



Smaller Setups

Just because an event is smaller, does not mean it is any less important. We have played to corporate groups across the country with nothing more than a couple of speakers, 2 turntables and microphone.  Whether it is a ground breaking new product for Coca-Cola,or a brand launch at the Las Vegas Convention Center, sometimes less is more.  

Medium Setups

There are events where you need to make a bigger impact.  Community Event or Corporate Holiday Party for 500 people.  The next level of AV packages brings in exactly more of what you need whether it is upgraded sound system, intelligent lighting, multiple room setups, video, or a combination of each.  

Larger Setups

This will pull out all the stops for your premium event.  Adding elements of a concert sound system, intelligent lighting, multiple video screens, or LED Video Walls this choice will be sure to leave a lasting impression with your client. This setup may include any or all of the following:

  • Powered Speakers and Subwoofers

  • Computer programmed Intelligent Lighting

  • Live Video Feeds with Mixing on Multiple screens

  • Corporate Gobo or Logo Programming

  • Multiplel Lighting/Setup Technician(s)

The Corporate Karaoke Setup

We brought in this little add-on in late 2016 at the request of one our biggest clients and since then it has been a runaway hit.  A combination of a DJ spinning party hits, and your favorite karaoke songs keeps your clients or coworkers dancing and singing along.  This has been effective for groups of all sizes and as such can be scaled to fit your needs. 

In addition to any sound or video configuration you choose add:

  • Professional Stage Mics

  • Video Monitor

  • Sound Monitor(s)

  • Lighting (if applicable)

  • Access to over 25,000 songs

  • Interactive mobile app to request songs

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